Funtime Grid
Topher and his Lucky Unicycle! Legend holds he once used it to slice a pizza!
The Owl and the Pussycat
Charon's Toll
Pinkerton, who uses his horn for hunting marshmallows!
The Reading Buddies, Reddy and Freddy, both read the book FUN! Reddy has a nightlite nose and antlers full of ornament shoes!
Flying sock monkeys have an insatiable urge to eat flying cake!
Pinocchio's Wife (sample from my book Grimmer Tales).
The Three Giggling Owls. Always sassing it up!
Dr. Tweeters the Business Clown, who weighs birds for density and sound quality!
The Just Kidding Beast, who has the X-ray glasses of Groucho Marx, but admittedly no eyes, just lots of teeth. Because, sad to say, he's just kidding.
Thomas and the Backpack Beast. The Backpack Beast keeps eating all of Thomas' school supplies, which can be a real headache during class, but Thomas percevers and gets and A!

All giclee prints are on archival, heavy-weight, matte artist paper. They are each handsigned, matted, and placed in protective plastic sleeves. Each piece is shipped in reinforced bubble packaging. Many of the pieces are 5x7, but some are available as 8x10, and 16x20. Click on each piece to see a larger sample. Watermarks are not part of actual print. If you have any questions email me here.

Mr Handyman has an imaginary accounting job!
Randy, who enjoys polishing tarnished silver platters, because he can't stand any reflection less majestic than himself.
Zack and the Moustache Yak, the yak who ate so many yams he was awesome!
Ruppert and his friend Henrietta both drink high tea. Ruppert's thinking of his one true love, THE QUEEN, who gained his favor through the gift of several hats!
Penelope and her Lucky Eyeball Balloon. It has eyes for scoping out adventure and noses for sniffing out trouble!
Sandbox Eddy, everybody's sandbox building buddy 'til the end and possibly longer. He's kinda hideous AND has a newspaper hat!
Sally, the tap dancing flapper octopus, enchantress of the sea!
Susan, the girl who figured out that her birthday cake was a carrot cake, so she dressed up as a rabbit to eat it better!
Monsieur Crestacean, fan of old time cinema and enemy of rubber bands!
Mr. Beard is kinda weird. He juggles lemonade with his friends Ray and a Bluejay!